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Get Mad! is the gripping story of a young Moldovan woman’s struggled to turn a deaf ear to those of her countryman who said her plan to transform an abandoned Soviet-era elementary school into an EU-quality day centre for disabled children simply couldn’t be done. From the moment her husband, John, inspired her with the idea for Phoenix Centre, the odds were stacked against her, often in the form of an obstructionist government bureaucracy with corruption fused into its DNA. Victoria’s is a story of what happens when a seemingly ossified geography of negativity meets an earthquake of determination.

For those who contemplate great things, Get MAD! is a must-read. For those who admire David and Goliath stories of the small overcoming the great, Get MAD! is a must-read. For those of you who must overcome the obstacles that life throws in your path every day, Get MAD! is a must-read.

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