Hope, compassion, and patience

These are a few of the qualities needed in this health crisis. And not just health, the side effects just as vital such as economic losses, free movement, planning, family, freedom.

For me and I suppose for most of the citizens living abroad is the painful idea that I could not get on the plane to be close to those left at home in Moldova just in case. This is a price you pay when you live in two different countries.

I know it will affect most of us, someone will lose a family member, a friend, a colleague, someone will cry remotely on the phone – as the British Prime Minister said, be prepared – 80% of the population will be affected. However, each of us read this news, updates but all are playing in our head is a little voice saying-  I will not be the one affected, it will not touch me, it will disappear overnight the same as appeared, in 15 days everything will be forgotten and back to normal. …

And there are those people who even now throw hate, arrogant messages and blames public services, government, society, everything – then in the evening, they are the ones going out first?! Even now, when what they said today maybe the last thing they do on earth. Tomorrow may be late.

Now more than ever we need compassion for each other. Not as a country, as a nation but as “humans” of this world.

Neither England nor Moldova knows at least there are no official data, how many people are affected in the host countries, how many may not be among us, how many will need emotional, psychological support, etc.

Isolation does not mean that you are alone, technologies allow us to be connected, united and in permanent contact.

I am just as deaf to reality and have my own motto – I will develop this virus, build immunity but people close to my heart will be protected. It’s easier to plan, to be prepared than just to disappear, pretending you are safe from it – making order in paperwork, computer, like getting ready for two weeks’ holiday when you do not want to be disturbed.

Yes, it is a problem when is not clear how many weeks, and patience is needed in abundance.

None is protected, the Queen of Spain, Health Minister in UK, Tom Hanks or a grandmother in a remote village. Chances of survival are different. Today we may be famous, president and tomorrow just a number in those statistics – https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

As Jim Ron says – do not wait or expect that times will be easier – but learn, work and become stronger to cope with whatever throws at you.

Health, patience, faith, forgiveness, and peace of mind my dear friends.